4 Disc Set-  

This Soundtrack compilation illustrates part of the story of "The Wrecking Crew". I started my journey telling the story of these legendary session musicians in 1996, but never imagined it would take nearly 20 years to complete the film and bring it to a wide audience.

Over those years in the Q&A's one of the most consistent questions that would be asked, is there a Soundtrack available.  For many years, it was in question.

I am so excited to present this soundtrack, the likes of which has never been heard before. It's the first time this grouping of songs has ever been put together. Each song was chosen because of a connection to the Wrecking Crew session musicians.  The credits of the musicians listed were compiled from the contracts provided by the American Federation of Musicians.   

3 CDs are filled with hits and interviews about the songs and the 4th CD is called, The Crew Cuts.  Filled with songs cut under the musicians own name.  




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