Leland Sklar - Everybody Loves Me book

One of the greatest bass players of all-time is not only a genius with his axe but has one of the wickedest sense of humor. No matter what Leland Sklar is doing at any given moment, his bass is always playing somewhere. Over 2,000 albums to his credit. His collaborations with James Taylor, Phil Collins, and Jackson Browne alone have made him one of the most-heard bassists in history, but that’s just a fraction of his resume.  In 2004, Phil Collins hired him for his farewell tour. Lee brought a camera to make a photo album of everyone who made the tour happen, from the caterers to the drivers to the security guards. His first shot was of his bass tech, Steve “Chinner” Winstead. Chinner flipped him the bird, which delighted Lee. Over the course of 16 years, he amassed 11,000 photos of middle fingers from all over the world. Fans, collaborators, and colleagues; movie stars and rock legends alongside hundreds of the forgotten faces that populate life on the road. People that share a moment, or an evening, and then disappear forever. But something about flipping the bird made the interactions less anonymous. In a sea of anonymity, they lent the moment a jolt of miraculous hilarity.

Los Angeles Times Review:   

....With each page turned your smile glows brighter. Even the plainest faces become alive with promise as the pronounced middle finger defies men, angles and beasts. The greatest gift of all is to know that we do not travel alone, that there are hands to touch us and hearts to keep us warm and a book that unites all of this as well as humanity….

Fashioned in an array of colorful and black and white pictures, the massive book reflects 16 years worth of fans, film stars, rock icons, colleagues, friends, and regular people from all over the world showing off their middle fingers. Some of the most vibrant costumes and riveting scenes, and absorbing expressions are displayed in what can be considered the picture book of the century….any century.

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